Community Cupboard

The Christian Community Cupboard is asking
Cross of Grace to donate Jiffy Corn Muffin mix for
the next 3 months. We may also donate cans of
soup. Plus, please continue shampoo and deodorant in your donations.


Healing and Community

In [the] healing texts, Jesus does not just cure people's diseases and cast out their demons and then say "Mission accomplished." He’s always after something more than that because the healing is never fully accomplished until there is a restoration to community. People are healed of disease, and then he tells the folks just standing around watching to go get them something to eat. The widow’s son is raised from the dead and then [Jesus] gives him back to his mother. And ... the man healed of demons is then told to stay with his people and speak of what God has done. In the Jesus business, community is always a part of healing. Even though community is never perfect.

—Nadia Bolz-Weber, Accidental Saints

Noisy Coin

 The first Sunday of each month is Noisy Coin Sunday. Please remember to bring your coins to help The Rock Ministry. Sheila Martin is also always in need of twin bedding and personal hygiene products for men.


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