Sunday School     9:00 a

Holy Communion   10:15 a

Welcome to Cross of Grace Lutheran Church

 We Lutherans believe lots of things about God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One central article of faith holds all these beliefs together. We believe that we stand before God who is holy and righteous as unholy and unrighteous people. We stand before God as sinners. We believe that God makes us holy and righteous. God gives us the gift of God’s holiness and the gift of God’s righteousness. We call that act of giving, grace.

Every week, we record our readings and sermons so that those who find themselves unable to attend Holy Communion with us are able to hear this week’s scripture.

In Holy Baptism, God thrusts himself into our lives. In Holy Communion, God is really present to us. So we live in faith. We live our lives trusting in God’s grace, trusting and loving and walking with our Lord Jesus. We talk to God a lot. We sing to God a lot. We read God’s Word a lot. We hear the story about God a lot. We praise and thank God a lot.

God’s grace changes us. God’s grace is powerful and beautiful. Jesus invites us to follow him. We respond to Jesus’ invitation. Jesus teaches us to love all people, even our enemies, even strangers and even people who seem unlovable. We work together to help others. We provide food for the hungry. We provide water for the thirsty. We visit the sick. We befriend the lonely. We visit the prisoner. We strive to be Christ to the people in Hurricane, Teays Valley and Saint Albans.
Please come be part of Christ’s people.


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